Kerry Smyth

Graphic design portfolio

Hi, my name is Kerry. I have created the assessment projects below while completing the Diploma of Graphic Design at Enmore TAFE College.

My main focus is front-end website development, UI design, UX design and HCD. I undertook the diploma course to upskill my conceptual, design and typographic capabilities. I am looking forward to bringing these new skills to the web and making the www.orld a better place.

Beer packaging

Print computers

Context: Design a 6 pack (package) knife template with custom theme, logo and graphics. Print and construct the prototype to hold six beers. Design, cut and attach front and rear beer bottle labels.

Pasta packaging

Type Studio

Context: Design a set of 3 pasta packages for various types of pasta. Use the product alias name Piccolo Pasta. Develop custom theme, logo, nutritional information table and barcode. Cut and construct packages.

Evolution of a brand

Design thinking

Context: To celebrate your company’s founding anniversary, you have been asked to design a set of items which show case the brand's foundation and evolution in an engaging visual way. As the company’s head office is also being refurbished, one of these items will be a construction hoarding (20 x 2 metres). The other item will be a book cover for the history of the company.

Interactive exhibition design

Digital design

Context: This project introduces Adobe XD in the planning, design and arrangement for an Interactive exhibition display portal. As may be encountered at a major gallery or exhibition venue.

Create Multipage functional prototype using Adobe XD. Design an interactive educational display portal. The subject of this educational experience will be one of your own creation, research and design. View the hosted project here.

Creative packaging

Print design

Context: Produce a creative packaging solution comprising of least three components: paper swatch sample, promotional brochure and a clever box which houses the swatch sample and the brochure. Choose one of the existing Ball & Doggett range of papers to base your packaging theme on.

Restaurant rebranding

Design thinking

Context: Create a brand refresh for a restaurant. The restaurant requires a distinct voice to communicate their new look and feel. Your restaurant's company colours, logo, signage and collateral, are all a reflection of the brand; so a familiar, cohesive design must be applied to all mediums.

Band promo pack

Type expression

Context: Design and produce branding and collateral for a musical performing artists or band. Collateral includes: album cover, inner sleeve with lyrics, record label, print media advertisement, poster and tickets.